About Us

ALWAN Designs is a new born general designing company located in Alexandria, EGYPT. We are a group of professionals working in the field of advertising, design and development for more than 10 years. We are specialized in interior design, graphic design, web design and branding, we can design and finish your property and build all of your advertizing materials from scratch, starting from naming your company we can afford any type of material you need. Our aim is to reach every one who dreams of simple, remarkable and valuable designs. for every one who dreams of an elegant and harmonious designs and conformable to global standards.


Colors Harmony

Colors harmony represents a satisfying balance or unity of colors, combinations of colors that exist in harmony are pleasing to the eye. The human brain distinguishes the visual interest and the sense of order created by the harmony and forms a dynamic equilibrium.

Elegant Ideas

Cluttered and confusing website layouts can be an instant turn-off, while sleek and elegant designs immediately captivate the audience. Our designs engage visitors with a memorable layout, elegant design and good usability.

Unique Designs

The way your site looks says a lot about your business. You need to display a professional image, as you only get one chance to make a first impression. Our business solutions combined with unique ideas make a real impact on your audience.

Remarkable Look

Visual Identities or brands are the first contact people have with your company, it's like the image of your company how we see it at first sight, that's why a good visual identity is becoming very important. Today the user experience is what makes the difference and the best way to create this experience is through a remarkable design.